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And its finally here!  we’ve had these tracks in the can for a little while, waiting for a whole host of things to fall into place before releasing.  I’m pleased to be able to offer these latest tunes form the Old Man Diode and Rick Holland collaboration, featuring the stunning vocals of Beth Rowley and I Am Fya.  Out on WW Records on the 10th of February.

These words sink in like the dream we escape. Keep on running, bass will hold you, eyes wide open, eyes tight closed, and we might just be winning, if we keep on going. 

Love Parade ft. I Am Fya from the King Krill launch party at the Macbeth on the 26th of April 2013.  Guy Wampa on Kit.

Sick party all round, massive thanks to Lainey Richardson and Ben Canny on the video and DJ Krust for playing after.

buy the lts edition vinyl here


vinyl arrives -


DIODE & RICK HOLLAND:THE KING KRILL - digital release on WW records, Vinyl to follow at the end of April.  Big shout out to all involved in getting this together, especially all the fantastic vocalists and of course Mr. Rick Holland.

The King Krill Album Launch - 25th April, the Macbeth, Hoxton

The King Krill - 26/3/13

Finally the album is here.  After years of work, days of studio times and a lot of deep discussion, the King Krill is set for digital release on WW records - 26/3/13 with very limited edition vinyl following at the end of April, designed by Pete Lewis.  Stay tuned for more info.

In the mean time you can listen to an exclusive stream of the whole album here:

Open Blue ft. Beth Rowley (Om Unit Remix) - Diode & Rick Holland

Diode & Rick Holland - Open Blue ft. Beth Rowley (Om Unit Remix)


Free download of Om-Unit’s spaced out remix of Open Blue Ft. Beth Rowley, from the Diode & Rick Holland featuring… project

39 Plays | Download


Diode and Rick Holland ft. I am Fya, Beth Rowley, Onallee, Andrew Plummer and Chris James

Old Man Diode and Rick Holland met in the midst of a haze of London music making, smoke and petrol fumes in the first years of the new millennium. A coterie of young musicians and artists lived a blurred city life under a loose banner of fresh collaboration and partying. This was a generation that started sharing and distributing home-made demos and gigs, and music began shifting from the shiny coated wrapper towards more and more easily shared worlds. After ten years of crossing paths in bands, workshops and cross-genre collaborations OMD and Rick Holland decided to officially join forces for the ‘Diode + Rick Holland featuring…’ series, to showcase the experience of ten years of open source experimentation along with the unique inputs of a dazzling array of co-writing vocalists. Giants from the development of UK dancefloor styles join forces with lesser known voices to present a story of mixing worlds, and a fresh challenging new sound.


The latest single from Diode & Rick Holland: Still Silver ft. Chris James (Stateless, Ninja Tune, DJ Shadow). Ben Canny has stepped up to direct again with some very slick results.

Out on WW Music

Old Man Diode and Rick Holland present a dedicated collaborative project of future releases, utilizing not only these two talents, but those of their featured artists. Open Blue is the first track to be released, incorporating the beautifully soulful qualities of singer/songwriter Beth Rowley. Further collaborations feature the haunting yet restrained vibrato of Chris James - lead vocalist with Stateless (Ninja Tunes), Onallee - the largest voice of Roni Size’s iconic drum and bass troupe Reprazent, and multi-instrumental and pioneering jazz composer and vocalist Andrew Plummer.  Om Unit and Garden fest step up for remix duties.  Released on WWRecords. 

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